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Addiction is not a symptom of PTSD, it CAN be a byproduct, or a reason to look deeper.

This is a critical distinction, one we have encountered in calls from Public Safety professionals needing help. Know the difference!

“My department said I can’t have PTSD because I am not an alcoholic.”

Public safety pros individually respond differently to traumatic experiences. For some, the incident is no problem. For others,firstresponders2 various symptoms of PTSD can present themselves. LEFT UNTREATED addictions of various kinds may occur to mask the emotional turmoil experienced. For some, no symptoms develop. Know what to do and what to look for in yourself and others.

A Physical Wound

If a first responder responds to an event, let’s use a serious vehicle accident for example and on arrival the initial observation is smoke billowing from under the hood. The first responder…

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