Having served as a MP and Police Officer, Serve & Protect is rooted in my experience in law enforcement, and is the result of 41 years of training in various jobs, skills, and experiences that prepared me for this calling.

Serve & Protect is tasked with facilitating trauma services for public safety professionals and their families who are struggling with invisible wounds, emotional scars left by the job, and by life’s rough road. To best serve those who call, we locate a trauma specialist in the caller’s area, who takes their insurance and understands their job. This is our work.

Serve & Protect is dedicated to Drew Grant, my partner with Norfolk Police, on patrol and as a Detective, and to his father, Chief Charles Grant, both of whom epitomized the integrity, grit, and professionalism exemplary of a role model for all who serve. Drew was used by God as a change agent in my own life, and apart from his friendship and challenge, I would not have followed the path that led me to found Serve & Protect.

This work is also dedicated to the noble heroes who serve their communities selflessly, who endure tremendous challenges on the job, and stress from activists and politicians. Heroes who struggle to make ends meet, but are committed to their oath to keep us safe.

Serve & Protect is a Tennessee Non-Profit Corporation and a registered 501(c)(3). All donations are tax deductible.