The Serve & Protect mission:

  • To locate and facilitate trauma specialists who have familiarity with public safety professions and accept the insurance of the client;
  • To educate public safety about “Plain Talk About PTSD and Suicide” from the lowest rank and file to the top administration;
  • To advocate for public safety professionals
    • regarding inappropriate treatment from administrators as it pertains to PTSD issues.
    • regarding inappropriate condemnation of public safety professionals by media, activists, and politicians.

We pursue our mission through three core methods:

  • Education
  • Facilitation
  • Restoration

Underlying core values:

  • We believe in the inherent and intrinsic honorable character of those who choose public safety as a career; we further believe that these brave men and women pursue this noble path to serve their communities, save lives, and provide positive role models for those they serve.
  • We believe that public safety careers come with specific pitfalls, specifically, witnessing traumatic and critical incidents that may leave residual invisible wounds, emotional scars manifesting in Post Traumatic Stress symptoms.
  • We believe that Post Traumatic Stress is treatable, and that the professionals can be restored and preserved in their profession; we do not believe that PTS is a mental disorder, rather, as the Alaska State Legislature so deemed, PTS is in reality an emotional injury sustained from the job.