Mission deatil


If people are falling off a cliff – do you build a fence or buy more ambulances?

  • PROACTIVE: The fence is intervention and keeps people from running off the cliff
  • REACTIVE: The ambulance picks up the bodies after they fall

SERVE & PROTECT is that fence three distinct  –

Serve & Protect is a 501©(3) whose mission is to locate and facilitate trauma services for public safety professionals with PTSD symptoms, addictions, or both. Whether residential care or trauma therapists and related services, Serve & Protect works on behalf of the public safety professional to find the right solutions for their real problems. We are the only nationwide organization providing these services. We partner with Safe Call Now who provides our crisis line and facilitates residential care. Serve & Protect facilitates all trauma therapist placements.

Our proven methodology

When calls come in nationwide to our crisis line partner Safe Call Now from public safety professionals looking for trauma services, especially therapists, we go to work locating one in their area that takes their insurance and understands their job – and specializes in trauma therapy. We personally vet EACH therapist for suitability. Sometimes the caller is the public safety professional, sometimes a family member or a peer trying to locate help for the professional.

There is great satisfaction in locating a match. In fact, one therapist said that “Serve & Protect is like

a match.com for those in public safety looking for therapists.” We also locate equine therapy, service dogs, and other alternative solutions.

Our proven model:

Education: in partnership with Safe Call Now and several other partners who travel the country providing seminars and distributing our information, as well as previous clients who want peers to know where they found help – we make every effort to raise awareness that help is available. Another resource is the cadre of public safety professionals / families we have helped who distribute cards to help peers.


Facilitation: through initial contact with a Safe Call Now peer advocate answering the crisis line, callers are assessed for proper solution to their reason for calling. If residential care is needed, Safe Call Now facilitates that process from start to finish. If trauma therapy in the caller’s area is appropriate, Serve & Protect facilitates the proper service and the appropriate level of trauma care.

Our unique 360 Focus provides a completeness that has become our trademark. If a caller to the crisis line is referred to residential care, Serve & Protect is equipped to step in to locate a Chaplain for the family while the spouse is getting treatment. As the first responder approaches release, we work to locate a trauma therapist to help maintain a continuum of care for maximized recovery. In addition, we can locate other services like AA or Celebrate Recovery programs or intensive outpatient programs in their area.

Restoration: the heartfelt goal for Serve & Protect and our partner Safe Call Now is providing care needed by our heroes with care designed to restore them to duty and their family equipped to face the future together. We work to insure recovery through a well planned aftercare program of trauma therapy.  We provide real solutions for real problems for public safety.

Serve & Protect was founded in 2011 by Robert Michaels who served both as a MP and also on patrol and detective bureau with Norfolk VA Police. Michaels earned a B.S. from Columbia International University and M.A. from Wheaton College (IL). He is Chaplain for the FBI Memphis Division, Nashville Resident Agency and State Chaplain for the TN Fraternal Order of Police. He is a member of the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress and National Center for Crisis Management.

Serve & Protect is a 501c3 non-profit organization based in Tennessee serving Internationally. Visit our homepage to view our educational videos, blog posts or to make a donation.