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Michael Langston, a veteran Navy Chaplain who served on the front line and trained those who followed him, is Professor of Chaplaincy at Columbia International University, and our partner in the new Chaplain certificate program.  He is the founder of The New Centurion, and author of their daily devotions.


Our purpose is to empower men to be bold and courageous Christian Leaders through their natural masculine characteristics and abilities. Subsequently, developing men to personify their God given personality to be daring, bold, intelligent, ethical, and caring leaders in all aspects of their lives. Our goal is to accomplish this by influencing mens hearts, thoughts, words, and deeds through the teachings and behavior of Jesus Christ.

Who was a Centurion?

In short, he was a man’s man. He was personified as a man of integrity, honor and courage. He was the lead warrior who set the example in terms of boldness, daring acts of strength and just leadership.

In ancient Rome the “centurion” meant “captain of 100″, and the Roman centurion was captain over 100 foot soldiers in a legion. The centurion was loyal and courageous, beginning as a soldier in the army and working their way up the ranks. They were noticed by the general for their skill and courage in battle, and were made officers.

The backbone of the Roman army were the centurions. The centurions were legionaries and they were clearly noticed because they wore a special helmet, and a more ornate harness of much better quality. They carried a short vinewood staff as a symbol of rank. They worked their way up the ranks as soldiers, and were promoted for their dedication and courage. They were the veteran soldiers who commanded 100 men each, within a legion of 6,000. There were thus 60 centuries in a legion, each under the command of a centurion. During the time of Augustus there were 28 legions.

A Roman officer in command of a hundred men (Mark 15:39, 44, 45). Cornelius, the first Gentile convert, was a centurion (Acts 10:1, 22). Other centurions are mentioned in Matt. 8:5, 8, 13; Luke 7:2, 6; Acts 21:32; 22:25, 26; 23:17, 23; 24:23; 27:1, 6, 11, 31, 43; 28:16. A centurion watched the crucifixion of our Lord (Matt. 27:54; Luke 23:47), and when he saw the wonders attending it, exclaimed, “Truly this man was the Son of God.” “The centurions mentioned in the New Testament are uniformly spoken of in terms of praise, whether in the Gospels or in the Acts. It is interesting to compare this with the statement of Polybius (vi. 24), that the centurions were chosen by merit, and so were men remarkable not so much for their daring courage as for their deliberation, constancy, and strength of mind.”

Likewise, the New Centurion is a bold, courageous man who has a thriving, vibrant faith in God through Jesus Christ. His leadership style is to lead by example encouraging others to follow. For if you will lead them, they will follow you!